Pet Insurance

You love your pets like family. We want to make sure your four-legged companions receive the care they deserve when they’re sick or injured. Let us take the stress away so when accidents happen, you know you’re covered.

Animals we insure:

  • Dog
  • Cat

Coverage highlights:

  • Accident and Illness
  • Deductible Options

Take a Moment to Paws and Consider Pet Insurance with this article by President Josh Fearon. 

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Commonly Asked Questions

Do policies cover pre-existing conditions?

Simply put, we do not cover things you can expect, including:

  • Exam fees and sales tax (where applicable)
  • Spay or neuter
  • Preventive care (vaccinations, fleas and tick control, dental chews, etc.)
  • Pre-existing conditions — Please know that our policy isn’t designed to cover the things that happened before you became a member. Conditions that showed signs during waiting periods or before you enrolled are considered pre-existing and are not eligible for coverage.