Health Benefits for your Employees

Your employees matter to you in more ways than one. The ability to offer a comprehensive health plan to current and prospective employees is the key to attaining and retaining an outstanding team. We can help you protect the health and wellbeing of your staff.

We offer coverage types for all businesses:

  • Fully Insured
  • Self-Insured
  • Partial Self-Funding

Continuous service right from the outset:

  • Health Plan Design
  • Price Negotiation (for groups over 50 Full-Time Employees)
  • Implementation
  • Claims support
  • Billing set-up
  • Enrollment assistance
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Commonly Asked Questions

What are the requirements for COBRA?

We can provide our clients with all the rules and notices they need to comply with COBRA. Here is a basic overview:

  • If your company averaged more than 20 employees for over 50% of the preceding calendar year, you must offer coverage.
  • COBRA groups must send a new person enrolled on the company health plan their COBRA rights notice.
  • When an employee terminates, they must be notified again of the rights to purchase COBRA coverage.
Can I offer more than one health plan to my employees?

Generally, you can offer more than one health plan with the same carrier. How many you offer is dependent on how many benefit eligible employees you have and which carrier you are with.