Group Life and Disability Insurance

Nobody expects to be in an accident, get seriously hurt, or experience severe illness. Unfortunately, the reality is that these things happen. When the unexpected happens, make sure you’re covered.

We design life and disability plans to protect both your employees and your business in times of misfortune.

We offer all types of plans:

  • Employer paid
  • Voluntary
  • Combination

We negotiate on your behalf:

  • Multiple carriers compete to keep prices low
  • Contract language to fit your needs
  • Policy coverage and features
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Commonly Asked Questions

As an employer, do I have to pay for Life and Disability for my employees?

When you offer a Life and Disability benefit, you have options:

  • You can pay a portion or the entire premium for one or more plans.
  • You can offer voluntary plans that the employees would pay themselves thru payroll deduction. There are minimum participation requirements if you use this approach.